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Sumdog … playing with Maths online

Teachers and students may create a free account on www.sumdog.com This will allow them to access various online mathematics games which are designed to improve students’ numeracy skills.


The Sumdog.com maths games website is designed to help students practice mathematics in an enjoyable way. This website provides free access for teachers and students to various online mathematics games which are designed to improve students’ numeracy skills.

When subscribing to this service, students may customise their profile picture, choose a level and thus be able to play games according to their abilities. Students may access 100 numeracy topics, split into 10 levels. Most games are multiplayer, so students can play against thousands of students worldwide. Moreover through the free login, students can track their progress through Sumdog’s games.  Through the free subscription, teachers can create logins for their students and set challenges and competitions for them;

  • Competitions generate a leaderboard for students. These allow them to play the maths games against each other or against any logged in students.
  • Challenges let teachers to set goals for students. Such challenges may include getting a set number of answers right or winning a number of these online games related to a particular topic.

If teachers buy a subscription, they will also be able to track their students’ progress. Whichever subscription is chosen (free or not), teachers can specify which topics the students will be working on, which games they can play, and when such activity starts and finishes.

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Your chance to save the world

Fate of the World is a new strategy game for PC which puts the future of the world in your hands. Starting off in the year 2020, when natural disasters due to climate change start to hit, you, as a newly appointed leader have been given the arduous task to deal with this extreme situation by using your strategic skills.

Fate of the World Screenshot

Fate of the World Screenshot

In game features include:

  • Achievements
  • Combines latest science with challenging game play
  • Save the world, or destroy it!
  • Challenging regional missions for you to complete, and global sandbox.
  • Guide 12 world regions
  • Shape the next 200 years and see your decisions unfold on a realistic Earth
  • Nurture endangered animals and environments
  • Cure or cause global pandemics
  • Plan future technologies: geo-engineering, fusion power, genetic modification, and more
  • Deal with disaster! Sea level rise, flash-fires, mass-migration, and super-hurricanes

Fate of the World is being made by the team behind the Red Redemption series and the producer of Battlestations: Midway, Klaude Thomas – the climate science in the game is being taken care of by Dr Myles Allen (University of Oxford).

Fate of the World Trailer