SymbalooEDU – simplify your weblinks

Some of the obstacles that keep educators back from giving a web search task to their students may be:

Time management

Unless guided, students may find it hard to search and find links relevant to the assignment. Searching on Google gives a LOT of results but only a few may be helpful.


Some of the searches may result in links which are not on the Schoolnet whitelist, in which case students will get the “category: none” error, stopping them from viewing the desired website.

Internet safety

It is very important for teachers to ensure that their students are protected when using the internet, especially when a guardian is not with them while browsing at home.

SymbalooEDU is a free service which educators can use to easily create (and share) links and categories, called ‘webmix’. Once registered, a teacher creates links/categories in a number of blocks (see screenshot below).

SymbalooEDU webmix: displayed as a series of clickable blocks

SymbalooEDU webmix: displayed as a series of clickable blocks

These blocks may be direct links to other websites, or a link to a category such as a subject, for example – ‘Geography’, which would then take the user to a link with a list of relevant websites, or even, sub-categories. This will ensure that students have a number of websites available to search from so time is not lost – and this is done in a internet-safe way while ensuring that all links will work. With SymbalooEDU, educators can also share their links between them – for example subject co-coordinators can create a webmix and then make it available to subject teachers to use in their class.

Summing up, SymbalooEDU is a very valid free online tool, straightforward to use and gives immediate benefits.

3 Responses to “SymbalooEDU – simplify your weblinks”

  • when i find an interesting website, i usually put it in my favorites. do u mean that the ’symbalooedu will sort these websites according to topic?
    pls advise.

  • Hi, you have to put them in categories yourself – then you give the link of your ‘webmix’ to your students. You can also search for other ‘webmixes’ by other educators. Conrad.

  • Other related and interesting sites are Social Bookmarking sites like Diigo or Delicious. Such sites may be used for various purposes, from just having your ‘favourites’ available from any PC connected online to developing a collaborative research project with your students. Such sites allow users to bookmark sites. Each site may then be tagged and annotated. This work may be kept privat or else shared within a group.

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