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Apple iPad, next generation computing?

Two days ago, Steve Jobs, CEO at Apple has unveiled the company’s latest gadget, called iPad. At first glance it looks like a very shiny, keyboardless computer, easy to use and needless to say, ultimately desirable. Measuring at 9.7 inches, the screen uses LED technology and is sensitive to multitouch allowing the user to pinch and stretch to zoom in and out when viewing photographs. The iPad also features an accelerometer meaning that is sensitive to tilting – the screen rotates automatically whenever it is turned around. In Apple’s own words “there is no right way to hold it”.

Next generation computing?

Next generation computing?

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Nintendo DSi – a review

The Nintendo DS (dual screen) range of handheld videogame consoles has been selling like hot cakes since released in 2004. The system features two screens placed vertically on top of each other with the bottom one being responsive to touch via an included stylus or finger. Similar to the Wii, Nintendo has widened its target audience when compared with their previous gaming devices. Games are now being designed with the ‘casual user’ in mind, the library of software available covers both traditional type of videogames as well as a diverse choice of programs covering a myriad of topics, from cooking to brain training, from virtual books to puzzles, from sudoku to edutainment.

Nintendo DSi

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