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Welcome to the Jungle

After a twenty year absence from the videogame console market, Panasonic have unveiled their upcoming device -  ‘Jungle’ which features a rugged look and houses a single largish screen, a full QWERTY keyboard as well as two control knobs. Information is very sparse at the moment, but it seems that device is targeted at the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) crowd, which is quite big in the Asian region. Price is rumoured to be around the USD400 (€290) mark, which is not exactly cheap.

With competition such as the Nintendo DS family and PSP, it is really a jungle out there.

With competition such as the Nintendo DS family and PSP, it is really a jungle out there.

At the moment it is unknown if the Jungle will feature an open source operating system, making the creating of software and applications by the end user possible. More news as we have it, meanwhile you can view the teaser site about this device Panasonic have put up here.

Major interactive whiteboard manufacturers agree on a common software format

BECTA (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) has announced that major white board manufacturers, including Promethean, Hitachi and SMART Technologies have agreed on a common file format – at last software created on one platform can be exported and used on setups from other vendors.

Interactive WhiteboardThis means that content created by educators can be shared across platforms, thus reaching a wider audience. Thanks to this new agreement, a common file format (.iwb) has been created, as well as a viewer application with support documents and a code library. Some of the vendors are already supporting this new format in their software, while others will do so in upcoming updates.

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Update: Due to BECTA’s recent closure the common file format for interactive whiteboards (.iwb) has an uncertain future. It is yet unknown if companies will continue development on the common format.

New addition to the Nintendo DS family to be released soon

Nintendo have announced that the ‘3DS’ will be released to retail in Japan on February 26th, 2011 for the price of ¥25,000 (€218). This new revision of the incredibly popular gadget is the first handheld console to support 3D visuals (like in movies), with an added difference that one does not need 3D glasses for the effect to be experienced.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

It will be interesting to see how well the 3D effect works – it is understandable that Nintendo are pushing the console by telling people to try it out at expos and conferences rather than through videos and images distributed over the internet, after all, it is only possible to view the effect in person using a real Nintendo 3DS.

One wonders how developers will use 3D to provide new experiences which gives a new dimension (no pun intended) to entertainment on the go and how we as educators can use it to make learning more exciting.

Use Century Gothic to save the planet

According to Diane Blohowiak, Director of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Wisconsinat Green Bay, the Century Gothic font uses 30% less ink than Arial. This decreases ink consumption and as a result is more eco-friendly than many other fonts.

Source: The Register.

Apple iPad, next generation computing?

Two days ago, Steve Jobs, CEO at Apple has unveiled the company’s latest gadget, called iPad. At first glance it looks like a very shiny, keyboardless computer, easy to use and needless to say, ultimately desirable. Measuring at 9.7 inches, the screen uses LED technology and is sensitive to multitouch allowing the user to pinch and stretch to zoom in and out when viewing photographs. The iPad also features an accelerometer meaning that is sensitive to tilting – the screen rotates automatically whenever it is turned around. In Apple’s own words “there is no right way to hold it”.

Next generation computing?

Next generation computing?

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