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Robotic Carnival Competition 2012

This is a chance for secondary students to prove their engineering, programming and designing skills.

Will you design a robot which dances to a carnival song? Or a robot mimicking King Carnival? Maybe a robot doing a carnival parade? How about a robot wearing a costume that moves around upon clapping?

There’s no limit on the amount of funny creative ideas there are or the amount of sensors, motors, bricks or programming that you can use on your NXT Carnival Bot.

All secondary school students are being invited to participate in this robotic carnival competition by using Lego NXT Mindstorms kits which are available in secondary schools.

Students are to take a video and/or photos showing the NXT Carnival Bot and send together with a short description, including student names and school to the elearning centre. The deadline for submissions is the 3rd of February 2011.

Entries should be sent to Mr Keith Aquilina on, quoting NXT Carnival 2012 in the subject field of the email.

Further information will be communicated to the winner and participants in this Carnival challenge for an event organised by the eLearning Centre in which the carnival bots may be showcased. The winner will be given a prize kindly sponsored by IMS, the Maltese agent of Lego Education.

The NXT Lego Mindstorms Challenge 2011

This year, Embed 2011 exhibition was held between 12th and 17th May 2011 at the Sacra Infermeria Hall, Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta. As in the past two years, this exhibition showcased eLearning and the use of digital technology in education.

The computing department within the Curriculum Management and eLearning Department held a competition using Lego NXT Robotic kits which are currently
being used in the secondary curriculum. As part of this event, state and non-state secondary schools were invited to participate in the first robotics challenge of this kind in the Maltese Islands. The following ten schools took part in this event;

  • Gozo College Boy’s Secondary Rabat Gozo
  • Gozo College Girls’ Secondary Rabat Gozo
  • San Anton School, Secondary
  • St Clare College Boys’ Secondary Gzira
  • St Ignatius College Girls Junior Lyceum Blata l-Bajda
  • St Margaret College Boys’ Secondary Verdala
  • St Theresa College Boys Secondary B’Kara
  • St Thomas More College Junior Lyceum Zejtun
  • St. Augustine’s College
  • St. Joseph, Sliema

The time allotted for the challenge was of 2 ½ hours were students had to figure out how to make the Lego NXT Mindstorms navigate through a 3D maze mounted on an 8ft x 4ft board having one entry point on one side and one exit on the opposite side. The aim of this challenge was not intended to gauge teachers’ methods or to differentiate between schools. The main objective of such an activity is to involve students in a fun and challenging learning environment. Through the NXT challenge students were urged to sharpen both their problem-solving and teamwork skills.

The winning group of students included Form 3 students; Cleven Pirotta, Dejan Delia and Neil Griffin from St Margaret College Boys’ Secondary Verdala. Mr Raymond Camilleri, Director (Curriculum Management and eLearning Department) and Mr Stephen Cachia , Principal St Margaret College both congratulated these students and emphasised how the inclusion of such learning artefacts in the classroom enable a learner-centred classroom through which students may better succeed.
embed nxt challenge
Each student in the winning team was awarded a prize kindly sponsored by IMS Ltd, the local suppliers of the Lego Education kits. All competing students have received a certificate of participation.

Keith Aquilina

Choosing History as an Option

The HTA has released a promotion clip to be shown to Form 2 students before deciding what subjects to take at Form 3. The clip explains the syllabus of the History SEC and what careers can be taken up at a later stage when choosing History.

HTA website;

Sport through Technology

A quick search on the Internet shows that the use of game consoles in physical education classes is becoming popular in various countries. Many times it is reported that the Wii game console and others like Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move are used to bring inactive students into ‘virtual PE’. In a programme which will be held at St Ignatius boys secondary, Wii Sport will be used to introduce various sports to students. Other games may be also be used in class such as Wii Dance or Wii Fit. A Wii console is already available in each Maltese college. The following are articles showing how sports may be practiced through game consoles;

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the Whiteboard in my Pocket

On the 2nd of February, HP have launched the Digital Learning Suite which comprises a wireless digital tablet called digital sketch tablet and the pocket whiteboard. This device allows the teacher to sketch on a tablet instead of drawing directly on the board. This allows the teacher (and even students) to work on the board from anywhere in the classroom. It also allows multiple users to collaboratively work on the ‘board’ thus allowing participation amongst students.

Does this mean that interactive whiteboards are becoming a thing of the past? Maybe not, but with such a device, classes are becoming more student-centred. Mobility and collaboration may enhance the learning experience of our students.

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